Private Label Readings

In my Private Label Readings, I help high-profile and celebrity clients with business planning, company culture, career outlook, relationships, mindset, life vision, and the challenges they experience due to the nature of their work.

I use a combination of tarot cards, Akashic Records channeling, and high vibe conversation to look at the past, current, and upcoming energy patterns and shifts in the client's personal and professional life. I bring a positive and realistic approach and create an energetic space to cultivate confidence and big results. 

I work on retainer or via single readings for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

Booking a Private Label Reading:

From my work as a corporate attorney, I understand the importance of discretion and how to hold space for the energy of high-profile clients and their unique needs.

I take confidentiality seriously for all of my clients, but I am happy to sign NDAs for Private Label Readings to ensure there is an extra layer of protection for sensitive information. Private Label Readings are also eligible for off-schedule timings.

Fill out the contact form below to book a Private Label Reading and a member of my team will be in touch shortly.

I ask that for security reasons, you do not refer to the client by name when contacting my team to schedule a reading.

Private Label Readings are conducted in person or over a secure Zoom connection.


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