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Are you feeling drawn to the tarot, but get overwhelmed by trying to memorize 78 card meanings and reversals?

Are you curious about your intuition but afraid you don’t have “the gift”?

Do you already pull cards for yourself, but you get caught in second-guessing and then running to the book?

-Record scratch-

I hear you and I’ve been there! But you most certainly DO have the gift, there is an easy way to read the tarot, AND you can build your confidence in your intuition while doing it!

The Tarot Handbook

Build your confidence in your intuitive abilities, read the tarot with ease, and stand out with your own unique way of reading the cards with this course!


More than just fortune-telling

The tarot is a divination tool, but it can be used beyond just trying to divine the future. The tarot allows us to access the wisdom, clarity, and insight that is already present in our subconscious mind.

It becomes a portal to the information that we are seeking to continue choosing the most aligned version of our lives. It is an intimate roadmap that works in tandem with your own deepest knowing to provide you with the comfort that you’ve REALLY got this! It will remind you that you are a sovereign being who has free will in your creation of life. All options are equally available to you, the tarot just highlights which way you’ve been feeling called to go.

Why this course?

There are hundreds of tarot books and courses out there. What sets this course apart is that it is based on developing your own understanding of how your channel communicates with you at all times.

I will show you how the cards are there to prompt and organize the narrative and information already coming through you. You are the magic, the cards are just ink and paper until you work with them!


Master the 78 keys of the tarot

I am not going to have you memorizing lists of keywords and card meanings (although those ARE provided with the handbook as well). Each card is designed to be used as a key for the messages wanting to come through for the sitter. By working with the tarot handbook and your own cards, you will begin to develop your own language with the tarot faster than you can believe. This is a language that only YOU speak fluently, because it is the one you share with your own subconscious. Following this course, you will be able to pull any of the trillions of card combinations and form a coherent message with ease and impact.

Put down the card book

I will teach you what I like to call FULL CONTACT TAROT. That means that we rely on the ways our 5 senses are sending us information during a reading, as well as what is coming through us intuitively. It is only after we immerse ourselves in the information coming through our physical experience that we even look at the cards on the table. This is a powerful way to co-create a deeper intuitive experience for ourselves and the sitter. You learn how to read the energy of the situation and not just the energy of the cards. This is what will set you apart from other tarot readers and make you a go-to for others seeking clarity and answers.


What you'll get:

⭐︎  A 78-page handbook with card meanings and exercises to help develop your intuitive language with the tarot

⭐︎  Videos guiding you through the intuitive method of reading the tarot

⭐︎  Over 100 questions to ask the tarot

⭐︎  Discounts and offers for working one-on-one with me!

The course will be sent to you in electronic form, with a PDF handbook and accompanying videos to take you from novice to confident reader!

Rave Reviews!

Liz never ceases to amaze and transform. In every lesson, I am left with something new to integrate, but not in an overwhelming way. She embodies playful exploration in a way that too few adults do. I am grateful for her generous sharing of her gifts as they have been incredibly powerful in my exploration of my own.


Since taking this course, I have noticed how much more intentional and present I am being in every aspect of my life. My relationships and career have gone to the next level just by me being able to trust my inner knowing. The way the cards speak to me now is also striking! I find myself pulling cards and just knowing what message is coming through without all the drama and second-guessing I used to do. Thank you so much for this course! It has changed me, Liz!


I don’t know what to say except WOW! I have built my confidence in my intuitive abilities so much just by taking this course. I don’t know what kind of magic you’ve coded into it, but I have people ASKING ME to give them readings … and I’m not even calling myself a tarot reader or advertising it! I feel so connected to my channel now and I only have you and your caring way of explaining the tarot to thank! THANK YOU SO MUCH, QUEEN! I am forever grateful for your empathy and sharing of your gifts!


Your questions answered!

What do I need in order to take this course?

You need a deck of tarot cards with clear illustrations (I recommend using a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, or The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris Anne for this course). Also, the handbook is in PDF format. So you may want to have a paper journal or print out the handbook so you can take notes and do the exercises in the handbook.

Is this a course for professional certification?

No. I am not offering any kind of certification with this course for the mere fact that you don’t need it. Your readings will speak for themselves. Following this course, you can just continue doing readings for yourself, or you can offer professional readings.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have unlimited access, but I do recommend downloading the handbook and videos to your device so they are readily accessible to you.

Can I share the materials with others?

You may not share the course materials or reproduce them for your own material gain. I have kept the price point at $114 USD to make it as widely accessible as possible. Please refer your friends and family to my website if they are interested in purchasing the course.

Will I get one-on-one support?

No, this is a self-guided course. However, you will receive offers and discounts to work with me one-on-one once you purchase the course. If you're looking for a more interactive experience, I recommend purchasing the Intro to Tarot Course, see more details below. 

Need more support?

The Intro to Tarot Course 

This 5-week interactive tarot course is perfect for anyone at any level who is looking to go back to basics & learn how to build confidence in their relationship with their channel by using the tarot.

What you'll get: 

⭐︎ 5 live 90 minute weekly calls with instructions, exercises & tarot coaching

⭐︎ Group Voxer Support

⭐︎ The Tarot Handbook

You'll come out of this intro course feeling comfortable picking up the cards and reading intuitively & accurately.

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